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The business world has been buzzing about Panama offshore corporations and their tax advantages.  It almost sounds too good to be true.  You’ve read everything that there is to read; you studied every report, met with financial advisers and lawyers.  You’ve talked with an attorney in Panama, finished the paperwork, and now you have a Panama foundation and a Panama offshore corporation.  Everything thing is in place…….or is it?

In this electronic age, starting a company has never been easier; starting one in Panama may be the easiest thing you’ll do in business.  There is one downfall with today’s businesses; many of these new businesses lack the look and feel of a traditional office because they lack the traditional office.  Now your Panamanian offshore corporation can have a Panamanian office as well.

We are now offering a virtual office environment for our new and existing customers.  Why spend the money to open an office in Panama City when there is already an office that is open to you.   We are prepared to be your Panama City headquarters.

What are the advantages of a virtual office?
There are two main advantages; first, you clients, customers and business associates will likely view you business endeavor with more credibility if you have a headquarters.  Your office at home is great for work, but it lacks the feel of having a separate mailing address, answering service and voicemail for you and your employees.  Second, Panama offshore corporations enjoy a privacy and identity protection that is unknown in the rest of the world.  Why would you want to risk that privacy managing your own mini-office at home when you can have the security of a virtual office headquarters in Panama?  You have an anonymous environment, why take the chance?

What benefits will I receive from a virtual office?
Some of the benefits you will enjoy because of your virtual office are:

  • Anonymity
  • Panama street address for business and courier use
  • Business name as the mail recipient (additional identity protection)
  • Mail forwarding once or twice a week
  • Company voicemail
  • Forwarded voicemail every day
  • No ID required (additional security for you and your identity)
  • Shared fax number
  • Daily scanning and Emailing of faxes

Will my Panamanian virtual office be expensive?
The cost of your virtual office is reasonable and you can select the features you want included.  It is not expensive to have a virtual office with More important than the expense is this; how much will it cost your business NOT to have a virtual office?  Losing a key client could cost you everything; compared to that, a virtual office for your offshore Panamanian corporation is an expense you can afford.

Many of today’s businesses have lost the personal touch.  They have become cold-blooded creatures of the Internet and no longer offer their customers a real street address or a friendly voice on the phone when they call.  Protect your identity with your offshore corporation and protect your business with a virtual office.

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