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They say that the Devil is in the details; when you sell everything you own, move 5,000 miles away to another country and start over, the Devil will have a lot of room to operate!  Moving to Panama after your retired was a dream come true.  You have visited, established business contacts and researched everything on the Internet.  You found a house in Panama City and you can’t wait to begin your new life.  A few more details to finalize the Devil will have no more places to hide.

The details left to finalize?  Utilities!  Those are the Panama companies that you fear the most.  Why do you fear them?  The utilities in the US were impossible to deal with and they didn’t speak a foreign language.  What’s going to happen here?  You can relax because the Panama companies are different than their American counterparts.

First remember that you left the US for a more relaxed way of life; something that was peaceful and laid-back.  Panama is exactly what you wanted with only on problem; the Panama companies that handle utilities tend to be laid-back as well and your new services could take longer to obtain than you remember back in the States.  A same-day hookup in the US might take three days in Panama; don’t go “American” on anyone, it is simply a more relaxed atmosphere here!

Ok, the bad news is that you will have to wait longer for your service; what is the good news?  The good news is that the service you receive from these Panamanian companies is just as good as those in America and much less expensive; in most cases, significantly less expensive that their American counterparts.  For example:

Service             Typical Monthly Cost
Electricity          $20.00 (more if you use air conditioning)
Water                $8.00
Gas                   No charge (there is no service for natural gas, LP tanks are used
                           for stoves)
Trash                 No charge
Cable TV           $15.00 – 20.00
Phone                $16.00
Internet              $20.00

The Panama companies that provide these services are, on the whole, good companies and skilled at the services they provide.  You will notice very little difference in the quality of service you receive.  Some of the various Panamanian companies that offer utilities are:

Clarocom Phone Service
Optynex Phone Service
Cable and wireless

Cable and wireless (DSL)
Cable Onda (Cable modem)
Internet Global

Cable Onda (Cable modem)
Astrovision – Refer to local phone listing for number
Direct TV Satellite TV

IDAAN – Refer to local phone listing for number

Union Fenosa – Refer to local phone listing for number

They say that good things come to those who wait.  The wait for these services by Panamanian companies is longer than you may be used to, but with the low prices and good service, it will be well worth the wait!  If the Devil is in the details, he only has a short time left to torment you before you are enjoying the quality of service and low prices offered by Panama’s utility companies.


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