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Panama at its best is a beautiful cultural blend of the “old Spain”, the “modern America” and curiously the “bazaar effect” of the east. A major commercial point, Panama is strategically placed as a crossing point between the Pacific and the Atlantic. While ecotourism, adventure and health tourism are some of the major attractions worldwide, Panama is also home to one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Panama has something for everyone. This is a land of carnivals and bird watching to adventure sports and exciting night life. There are very few contenders to the quality of Panama’s tourist attractions. See here for best tourist package deals.

Accessible rain forests teeming with flora and fauna unique to its region, beautiful mountain sides spectacular in it’s freshness to historical sites that are witness to a rich cultural heritage, with a capital that is rival to the most modern cities of the world; Panama is all that it promises and much more.


• Ecotourism
• Adventure sports
• Shopping
• Historical sites
• Birding
• Rainforests
• Highlands and mountains
• Beaches and islands
The Panama Canal
• Living Indian Cultures
• Handicrafts
• The Panamanian Food Experience


• Panama Canal Ocean to Ocean Regatta for Paddling, Rowing and Kayaking
• Carnival
• Portobelo Triathlon


Ecotourism: The Gamboa Tropical Rainforest Reserve and the Soberania National Park are a tropical haven of flora and fauna. Considered to be one of the best birdwatching spots in the world, Panama has 950 species of birds. So if you are a birdwatching enthusiast then you will not be disappointed. Trips to the famous Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute on Barro Colorado Island (which has a renowned tropical research laboratory) can be arranged; however appointments should be made one month prior to a visit.

Water sports: Isla Grande near Portobelo has some good diving and snorkeling locations, as do Bocas del Toro archipelago; Taboga Island (20km/12 miles south of Panama City); and the San Blás Islands (off the northeast coast). You can try whitewater rafting on the Chiriquí and Chiriquí Viejo rivers. Good spots for surfing are Santa Catalina, Venado and Rio Mar in the Pacific and Isla Grande, Bluf and Careneros in the Atlantic

Fishing: The waters of the Pacific and Caribbean offer some good game in abundance. Piñas Bay, Coiba Island, Contadora Island and Taboga on the Pacific side and the San Blas Islands and the Chiriquí Lagoon off the archipelago of Bocas del Toro in the Caribbean are other places you can go fishing.

Horse Riding: If you like horse riding, then the mountainous province of Chiriquí is just the place with its naturally wild landscapes. These are natural habitats for cattle and horse.

Golf: There are six golf courses spread across the Isthmus. Panamá Country Club, Summit and Fort Amador’s courses are open to tourists; however you will require a guest card to play the 18 holes at Coronado Beach Country Club.

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The world is finally discovering that Panama is not just about the Canal, but about crystalline waters, and an indigenous race of people and beautiful resorts enveloped in yet another one of mother nature’s most exotic displays of creativity.

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