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You will find a sample of our many tour packages listed below. Tour packages are available as individual tours generally for a minimum of 2 people, although single clients can often be included with another group. Tour packages are highly cusomizable - if you want somehting different or want to combine various tour, you just need to ask. All tour packages are fully inclusive - there are no extras, unlike many other tour companies, for example if you do the Panama Canal lock tour the price will include the entrance fee to the museum and viewing station. All tours have English speaking guides.

Please review the variety of Panama tour packages below and let us know if you have any questions. To book a tour, please contact us by email or call us locally on 209-0909.

Panama Canal Tours
Panama Free Zone
River Rafting
El Valle / Canopy Tours
Bocas del Toro
Chagres Indians
Isla Taboga
Isla Grande
The Beaches
San Blas Islands

Adventures and Ecology
The Panama Canal Jungle Boat Expedition

Includes: Ground and Water transportation, Nature Guide and Lunch.

Participate in one of the most extraordinary eco-tours on board the Endermic, our specially equipped expedition boat, maneuvering through the inlets, islands and rivers of the Gatun Lake. We will go looking for white - faced monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and titi monkeys as well as unaccountable amount of birds that abound in the Panama Canal Watershed. Navigate the historical waters of the "World's eighth wonder", next to the vessels that cross this waterway, while admiring the tropical rainforest that surround the lake. We will hike in Dariencito Island, where the guide will narrate the history of the place. We will take lunch in one of the islands in the middle of the Panama Canal.

Return to the city at 2:30 p.m. approximately.

Panama Canal Tour
Panama Canal Tour

Daily 3 hours

We will begin our tour visiting the Miraflores Locks and the new Visitors Center, where we will observe how the Canal works and the passing of vessels through the locks. We will enjoy the high technology audiovisual exposition that shows everything related to the operation of the Canal. As we continue our tour, we will go through Albrook, a former military base turned into a beautiful residential and commercial zone. We will visit the Craft Market, and tour the Balboa area where the Administration Building of the Panama Canal is locate and Ports. We will also visit today's zone of most touristic development in the City, Amador. Return to the Hotel.

Canal, City Tour and Lunch
Panama Canal, City and Lunch

Daily 7 hours

We will begin the tour visiting Old Panama Town, strolling through what was the first Spanish settlement founded on Pacific shore, including a visit to the site museum; next we will visit the Modern City, Altos del Golf, the Banking Center, Punta Paitilla, Ave. Balboa to the historical center declared Historic Patrimony for the Humanity, tour through the Independence Plaza, Metropolitan Cathedral, France Plaza, Las Bovedas, Plaza Bolivar. Lunch in a local restaurant. Immediately after lunch we will continue to the Miraflores Locks and the new visitors center, the place where we will be able to observe the passing of the vessels through the Locks and enjoying the high-tech audiovisual exposition that shows everything about the Panama Canal operation. We will continue our tour through Albrook, a former military base, now turned in a beautiful residential and commercial zone. Visit a local Craft Market, a tour of the Balboa area where the Administration Building of the Panama Canal is located, Ports and a tour of today's most touristic development in the City, Amador. Return to the hotel.

Cultural Places
Canal Museum and Mi Pueblito

Tuesday to Sunday 3 hours

Visit the new Canal Museum located at the Colonial Site of the City where visitors will be able to learn and appreciate the more important aspects in the history of the construction of the Panama Canal. Visit to the "Mi Pueblito" where visitors will observe a replica of an authentic country town with its cultural aspects. The "Afro-Antillean Village" honoring the Negro population that came from Africa and the Caribbean and that took part in the construction of the Panama Canal and that later established themselves in the country with their culture; The "Indigenous Village", where the visitors get to learn about the way of living of the natives of the natives of the country: Kunas, Emberas and Guaymies.

Puente de Las Americas
Full Panama Canal Transit Tour

Only Saturday 8 hours

Departure at 06:00 to Pier 18 in the Pacific to initiate the complete transit through the Miraflores Locks, Pedro Miguel Locks and Gatun Locks. Breakfast, lunch and snacks included.

Parcial Canal Transit
Partial Panama Canal Transit

Only Saturdays 5 hours

Departure from the hotel at 06:45 to Pier 18 in Balboa, where we will board the ship that does the partial transit through Miraflores Locks, a unique experience where you can observe and hear the explanations about the functioning of the Panama Canal. It includes transportation, snack, brunch on board and the partial transit through the Locks.

Adventures and Ecology
Barro Colorado Smithsonian Institute

Explore the interior of the rivers, channels, lake and tropical rainforests that are part of the Panama Canal, navigation through Gatun Lake, one of the largest artificial lakes. Hike through the tropical rainforest of the Barro Colorado Natural Monument in the Panama Canal, one of the most complex, rich in biodiversity ecosystems, widely studied worldwide, with 560 bird species, 125 reptiles and amphibian, 159 mammals and more than 1,400 species of plants and trees, that as a group contributes to the maintenance of a delicate system of abundant rains that allow the Panama Canal Locks to function. At the Barro Colorado Natural Monument are located the laboratories of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute that have generated over 1,500 publications in 66 years of existence.

Half Day in the Gamboa Resort

The Gamboa Rainforest Resort is a luxury hotel located in the Panama Canal, in the heart of the exuberant Panamanian tropical rainforest. The hotel has been carefully designed to provide a variety of educational and adventurous experiences of flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest. You could visit the pond for frog research, the sweet water fish aquarium, and the botanical and orchid gardens, the butterflies and the reptile exhibit. For a Panoramic View of the Soberania National Park and the Canal hop on the funicular and slide quietly through the Canopy of the Tropical Rainforest where you will find plants and animals that you rarely see on the ground. Lunch included. Return to the Hotel.

City Shopping
City Shopping

Daily 4 hours.

Visit the Crafts stores, clothes factory and a Mall (Los Pueblos, Albrook Mall, Multi Plaza or Multicentro) where articles from all over the world at very modest prices including the stores that offer electronics at Free Zone prices (tax free) with delivery to the International Airport.

City Tours
City Tour

Daily 3 hours

Departure from the hotel with destination of Old Panama, first city founded on the Pacific Ocean shore, where the magnificence of these ruins can be appreciated; time to purchase local art and crafts. Then we proceed to the most commercial area of the city, the banking area, Bella Vista, Punta Paitilla Ave. Balboa; the colonial sector, the San Felipe neighborhood where the Independence Plaza is located and where we can stroll to observe the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Hotel Central, and the Municipality. As we continue our tour we will visit Las Bovedas and the France Plaza, a panoramic view of the city and the Pacific entry to the Panama Canal, walk through the Bolivar Square and the National Theatre. Return to the Hotel.

Restaurante Las Tinajas
Panama’s Night Life – Las Tinajas

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Departure from the hotel at 20:15 to Las Tinajas Restaurant where visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate a sample of Panamanian folklore in the best ambience of the city including a welcome cocktail, typical “picadas”, dinner and show.

Chiva Parrandera
Panama’s Night Life – Chiva Parradera

Tuesday to Saturday

Mobile folkloric parties with the entire Panamanian flavor. It leaves at 20:00 from different Hotels, short tour through the city, Pedro Miguel Locks area in the Canal, Amador Causeway. National alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, typical "picadas" (snacks), live music and entertainment included.

Colon Free Zone Shopping
Colon Free Zone Shopping

Monday to Friday 8 hours

If you are a businessman or wish to start a business, the best place for shopping is the Colon Free Zone. Passengers are picked up at the Hotel between 7:00 and 7:30 to depart to Colon City where the opportunity to shop for goods from all over the world. Passports are needed to enter and do not forget that everything that you buy will be delivered to you at the international Airport. Return to the Hotel will be between 17:00 and 17:30.

Portobelo Tour and Lunch
Portobelo Tour and Lunch

Daily 7 hours

09:00 Departure form Panama City through the Speedway that runs through Soberania National Park where we will stop to see part of what used to be Camino de Cruces, used by Spaniards as a road to Portobelo. Visit to Madden Dam, important engineering work that regulates the water utilized in the Canal. Portobelo, a small XVII Century town that served as port to the goods that came from Peru and the other Spanish colonies. Five ports that still stand today protected the port. Lunch at a local restaurant. Return to the hotel.

River Rafting
Mamoni River Rafting

We will leave Panama City around 8:00 a.m. We will arrive at the place in the river where our journey begins around 10:00 a.m. Approximately 20 minutes drive in 4x4 vehicles. We will navigate for three to four hours, stopping for lunch. The variation in the time of navigation in the river is determined by the water level and the time taken to swin and relax.

We should arrive at the place where the car will take us down river, around 3:00 p.m. and back to Panama City around 5:00 p.m.

Chagres Challenge
The Chagres Challenge

The Chagres Challenge starts by picking up the tourists in the city around 5:00 a.m. to take them in all wheel drive vehicles to the remote settlement of San Cristobal passing Cerro Azul.

After breakfast we will continue on foot through a narrow trail that goes through creeks and hills, immersing the group in the jungle until we reach an affluent of The Chagres, River Piedras.

At 11:00 a.m. approximately, we will take the rafts to navigate from the head of the River Chagres to Madden Lake, going through places of singular beauty where there are no traces of humans.

Birdwatching Tour
Birdwatching Tour

In Panama there are over 1,000 bird species. For over 18 years The Audubon Society of Panama has the world record for observing the largest amount of birds in its annual Christmas Birds Counts. To experience this amazing adventure, we depart from Panama at 06:30 a.m. and 30 minutes later we will be in the Soberania National Park. The Soberania National Park is characterized by its large variety of exotic birds. We will be returning to the city at approximately 10:30 a.m.

El Valle de Anton
El Valle and Lunch

Just one hour and a half in the freeway this picturesque town is located with excellent weather, surrounded by a tropical rainforest with a large diversity of flora and fauna. Visit to the Nispero Zoo and the Chorro del Macho and the Indian Market. Lunch Included.

El Valle and Canopy
El Valle and Canopy

Daily 8 hours

Ascend to the highest part of the forest where you will navigate hanging from a cable above the treetops to observe the rainforest from a perspective only available to scientist, photographs and researchers.

Departure at 7:00 to El Valle de Anton. One hour hike through the forest with Nature Guides. At the end of the hike, the Canopy Adventure begins. After an orientation and safety measures the tourists pierce through the height of the forest moving among the treetops using pulleys that slide over steel cables. Expert guides assist the tourist in platforms installed in ancient trees that are part of this exciting trip through the different levels of the forest and its descent to the grounds.

Bocas del Toro -  Swan's Cay Hotel
Bocas del Toro – Swan’s Cay Hotel

The Swan's Cay Hotel is located between second and third street, across from the Governor's Palace, and 10 minutes (by foot) from the Bocas del Toro Airport.

It offers a total of 45 rooms, some of these standard or superior, 2 Junior Suites and 5 Suites, all of them carpeted, with A/C, color TV, hot water, Italian furniture, pool and private beach, bar restaurant and a great view.

Bocas del Toro - Limbo of the Sea Hotel
Bocas del Toro – Limbo of the Sea Hotel

This beautiful hotel has been built over the transparent waters of the Caribbean Sea. For its construction it used 12 different types of wood of native trees that are part of its typical architecture. It has 18 comfortable room with private bathroom, cable TV, air conditioning, balconies with view to the sea and aquatic bar.

Bocas del Toro Hotel
Bocas del Toro – Bocas del Toro Hotel

The Bocas del Toro Hotel is located in 2do. Street, Isla Colón. It offers a total of 11 rooms, with A/C, cable TV, telephone, restaurante and laundry.

Bocas del Toro - Laguna Hotel
Bocas del Toro – Laguna Hotel

Conveniently located at the main street, 50 meters away from the ocean and close to the international airport. The Laguna Hotel has 16 rooms and one suite, all of them comfortably furnished including air conditioning, private bathroom, hot water, color TV, telephone an orthopedic mattresses.

Bocas del Toro - Bahia Hotel
Bocas del Toro – Bahia Hotel

Located at Isla Colón, it offers 18 rooms, all of them with air conditioning, hot water, cable TV contained in a majestic wooden building.

Bocas del Toro - Punta Caracol Hotel
Bocas del Toro – Punta Caracol Hotel

In the province of Bocas del Toro, perched over the Caribbean Sea, with 2 kilometers of coral coast, you will find the Punta Caracol Hotel. It was built using the traditional methods of an archipelago: pillars over the water, supporting a wooden cabaña, crowned by a ceiling of leaves, following the tradition of the native communities of the area.

Enjoy one of only five palafitos available where you will be able to dive from your private terrace into the crystal waters of the ocean, or observe an impressive sunset while playful dolphins pass in front of your eyes, on their return to the bay.

Chagres Embera Tour
Chagres-Embera Tour and Lunch

Daily 7 hours

Visit a community of Choco or Embera Indians who established themselves during the "60"s in the Chagres National Park. A trip in boat through the Alahuela Lake and from there to the Chagres Rivers, it all depends on the weather conditions, volume of the waters in the rivers and the physical effort desired. Visitors will enjoy the natural beauty of the tropical rainforest and sharing the costumes and crafts with the natives. Lunch and snacks are included.

Isla Taboga
Taboga Day Tour


One hour away by boat from Panama City, is Taboga Island, known as the Flowers Island. Here visitors can enjoy the Hotel Taboga facilities such as: bungalows, swimming pools, special areas to change clothes, lunch. Visitors will also have time to stroll through the town and observer its picturesque residences.

Isla Contadora
Contadora Island

The heavenly Contadora Island is located only 90 minutes distance by boat and 20 minutes by airplane from Panama City.

Contadora Resort Hotel
Contadora Resort Hotel

With 250 rooms, this hotel offers all the comforts for a pleasant stay. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, minibars, and hot water. Also, the Contadora Hotel has additional facilities such as: Three Tennis Courts, Golf Camp with 9 holes, four restaurants, four bars, security boxes, Conference Rooms with capacity for 200 persons, Activity Center, two swimming pools, aquatic sports (kayaks, snorkeling), golf and tennis equipment, table games and a Discotheque.

Isla Contadora - Punta Galeon Hotel
Punta Galeon Hotel

The Punta Galeón Hotel has 48 rooms with sea views that will allow you to enjoy the exotic sunsets. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hot water, mini bar, amenities and room service. There are two beaches surrounding the hotel, where you may enjoy a terrific view.

Isla Grande - Banana Village Resort Hotel
Isla Grande – Banana Village Resort Hotel

The Bananas Village Resort is located in the most beautiful spot of Isla Grande situated in the Atlantic coast of the Republic of Panama. It offers a safe and pleasant environment combined with the impressive landscape of a Tropical Paradise.

The hotel has 28 comfortable rooms with their own balcony overlooking the sea, air conditioning, hot water, cable TV, security boxes and king size beds.

Decameron Hotel
Beaches - Decameron Hotel

The Royal Decameron Costa Blanca, Beach & Resort Hotel is located 90 minutes away from Panama City, it is situated over the exclusive zone of Playa Blanca.

The Decameron Hotel boasts 360 tropical style rooms with balcony and ocean view, well-equipped bathroom, satellite TV and telephone.

With the most succulent, diversified and abundant breakfast menu and buffet type lunch with all the variety of possibilities offered by the typical flavors of the region and the international kitchen. Meats, fish, salads, vegetables, seafood, desserts, delicatessen, and all type of beverages.

Barcelo Playa Blanca
Beaches – Barcelo Playa Blanca

Barceló Playa Blanca Hotel located in the quiet and peaceful coast with a view to the Farallón island. It offers the ALL INCLUDED system with the guarantee seal of BARCELO HOTELS AND RESORTS.

The complex counts 9 buildings with 3 floors each, ice machines, 225 rooms, with a total of 550 plazas with terrace/balcony, satellite TV, telephone, security box, air conditioning, daily cleaning service, surrounded by gardens, 110 V electricity connections, and a varied animation program during the day and night.

San Blas Islands - Dolphin Hotel
San Blas Islands – Dolphin Hotel

The Dolphin Hotel is located in the Achutupu Island, where you will have the opportunity to look closely at the female Kuna garments, all hand made. You will be able to appreciate how the Molas, the Kuna's globally known and colorful handcraft, are made.

We invite you to enjoy some marvelous days, far from the tensions produced by the routine tasks, in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Delight yourself with the exquisite fresh shellfish such as (fish, centollo, octopus, lobster) among others, prepared by the hotel chef.

San Blas Islands - Kuanidup Hotel
San Blas Islands – Kuanidup Hotel

Kuanidup Cabins is located in Kuna Yala (Territory of the Kuna Indians) in the Coast of the Atlantic Sea of the Rep. of Panama, and is part of the beautiful archipelago of 365 Islands that extends from the limit of the Province of Colón to the frontier zone with the Rep. of Colombia. In this area the natives still maintain their customs and thousand-year-old traditions.

When you arrive at the Kuanidup Cabins you will discover a landscape that has never imagined, its virgin nature, beaches of golden and white sands, crystalline water and an ardent sun.

The Cabins Kuanidup are built at the Kuna Indians houses style, surrounded by palm trees and inspired by the Kunas.

San Blas Islands - Kuna Niskua Hotel
San Blas Islands – Kuna Niskua Hotel

Located in the Wichub-Wala Island, only 5 minutes by boat from El Porvenir Airport you will find this rustic but comfortable hotel that is part of this native community where you will be able to appreciate their customs and even learn some of their dialect, besides having the opportunity of acquiring their beautiful Mola, the art of greater attraction within their crafts.

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