Fishing, Diving and Surfing in Panama

Panama is a beautiful country in Central America situated between Costa Rica and Colombia. Panama draws thousands of visitors yearly to see the sights, enjoy the weather, and learn the culture. In recent years, Panama has also begun to make an upswing in terms of its outside investors in real estate. Potential real estate investors are lured to panama by its climate, governmental stability, and affordable property. The currency in Panama is the US dollar. This also gives outside investors a sense of security, given the relatively stable strength of the dollar.

Each year recreation and the climate in Panama draw thousands of travelers to Panama. With the offering of virtually every outdoor activity at their doorsteps, people are mesmerized by Panama’s beauty, and temperateness. Outdoor activities that are frequently enjoyed by outdoor goers in Panama include:

• White water rafting - rafting the Chiriqui River encountering a number of different class rapids.
• Hiking – mountains overlooking incredible views
• Surfing – commercial and non-commercial fishermen willing to make your day
• Scuba Diving & Snorkeling – the second largest reef in the world.
• Swimming – the Pacific and the Caribbean Ocean at your doorstep
• Boating – see swimming
• Fishing – world class.

As for Panama fishing, world-class showings on an annual basis draw many a fisherman to Panama’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. Anglers can lasso many species of fish, ranging from small to massive in size. And with the currency in Panama being the US dollars, unnecessary tops at the bank can be averted. Some species that may be caught include:

• Black Marlin
• Sailfish
• Dorado
• Wahoo
• Jack
• And many others

Many international world records have been set in Panama. Popular fishing locations are Pinas Bay, Isla Coiba, Hannibal Bank, Cebaco Bay,the Archipelago of Las Perlas, and any more. Like its neighboring country, Costa Rica, Panama is considered one of the prime fishing destinations of the world. Those interested in fishing in Panama can find a number of charter agencies, and enjoy half-day or full-day trips with friends or family. Once again, the Currency in Panama is the US dollar, so anglers should have no problem understanding pricing for either package.

Anglers considering fishing the Panamanian waters have become keen to doing so. Fishing property has become a major aspect of Panama real estate. Retirees wishing to spend their lives abroad and who enjoy fishing often see Panama as an angler’s paradise. Though actual scheduled deep-sea fishing charters can be a bit pricy at times, the thrill is worth the price. Retirees often choose the overall more economical route of purchasing their own boats, or sticking to the lakes and rivers in Panama; where adventures are also bountiful.

Whether it is the weather, the low cost of living, the currency in Panama, or the fishing in Panama, real estate in Panama continues to surge in many demographics. Outdoorsmen find themselves welcomed into a cornucopia of possibilities.

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