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For those who have started an offshore Panama Corporation, you have the Western Hemisphere covered.  You may have an office in Los Angeles and a virtual office in Panama City.  Your company has the look and feel of a typical corporation and it shows in the results.  You already had clients in the US and now your offshore corporation is making in-roads in Panama.  You need help with your business requirements; you need a secretary in Panama City.  But wait, you don’t have an office; We can handle your virtual office for you and now you can go to them for your secretarial needs as well.  For all of the simplicity of a virtual office, sometimes you need additional staff.  Temporary services are fine, but it’s hard to predict the quality of the person the service will send.  Can she even speak English?  Does he know how to use the computer?  Questions such as these cause you a lot of worry and the answers can cost you in lost time.

We know how valuable your time can be; we also understand your offshore corporation because we already partner with you on your virtual office.  Why not bring the secretarial needs of your offshore corporation to the company that knows you best. Whether your needs include computer work, phone support or mail sorting.  If the job is one day, one week, one month or one year, we can arrange to have that person available to meet your needs.

Computer work
When a business expands into a new area, it’s inevitable that the workload will increase.  With an offshore corporation and a virtual office, who is available to do the extra work?  Thanks to services you can have someone available.  Data entry, web programming, letter writing, translation and Email work are just a few of the available services.  If it needs to be done on computer, there are services available to support your offshore corporation.

Phone Support
As an offshore company grows, it may be better to find someone full-time to meet the phone service needs.  This someone must be bilingual and dependable.  It’s easy to identify the requirements, but do you have time to interview and train the person you need. 

Mail Sorting
You have a mail service, but that only gets your letters and packages to the front door.  You need someone to inventory, log and handle your mail and packages for your offshore corporation; that someone is on our team here in Panama.  It isn’t financially prudent to hire a full time person and it is difficult to get someone good for a few hours a week.  We can provide that person for you and he or she comes from the company that you trust for you Virtual Office needs.

Continuity is crucial in a company.  As your offshore corporation grows, we are ready to grow with you.  Contact us today for more information.

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