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Panama Visa - How to obtain a visa to retire in Panama ?

There is a difference between a tourist visa and a retirement visa. A tourist visa allows you to enter the country for business or pleasure, generally for a period of 90 days. A valid passport is required to obtain a tourist visa and visitors from some countries are required to obtain a Tourist card.

There are 4 different options to obtain a retirement visa in order to retire or reside in Panama. Options for a Panama Visa are as follows:

  1. Pensionado Visa
  2. Private Income Retiree Visa
  3. Person of Means Visa
  4. Forestry Investor Visa

Please follow the links for more specific information on each visa

Panama’s Pensionado Visa is by far the most popular, and is one of the best retirement visa programs in the world.

Some of the benefits of Panama's retirement visa are:

  • Panama retirees enjoy Import tax exemption on household goods and/or cars.
  • No property taxes for 20 years when you hold pensionado status
  • No income tax on incomes earned outside Panama.
  • Discounts on prescription drugs and health care services, i.e., 20% in
    general, specialist and surgical doctor fees, 15% in hospital and private
    clinic bills, 15% dental services, 15% optometry services and 10% in prescription drugs.
  • Discounts on airfares 25%, restaurants 25%, fast food chains 15%, movies, theatres and others 50%, public transport (air, ground, sea) 30%, lodging 30% to 50%, technical and professional services 20%, closing costs for personal loans 50%, interest rate for personal loans 15%, mortgage interest rate 1%, utility bills 25% (certain restrictions apply)

Why obtain a retirement visa and retire to Panama?

Just some of the benefits of living and retiring in Panama, and obtaining a visa to do so, are:

  • Panama is Safe
  • Panama's Low cost of living
  • Panamanian's are friendly to foreigners
  • Excellent health care
  • Modern infrastructures
  • Panama has affordable housing
  • Panama's Rich culture and diverse recreation options
  • Low prescription drug costs
  • First class telecommunications
  • Stunning scenery and nature - from beaches and mountains
  • Paradise for bird and animal lovers
  • Broadband Internet and cable/satellite TV
  • And much more...

The requirements for obtaining a Panama visa in order to retire to Panama are relatively simple. Please review the visa requirements here, or contact us for more information

Through special arrangements with local immigration attorneys, Panama-Health has arranged special introductory prices for it's clients. Please see our discounted fees for obtaining a Panama retirement visa here, or contact Panama Health today for more information about living and retiring in Panama and how to obtain your Panama retirement visa.

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