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Panamanian real estate is one sector of Panama’s economy that has grown steadily. It is joined and perhaps complemented by the increase by the tourism and construction industries as well. In terms of properties for sale and for rent in Panama, they are many and diverse. Buyers can choose to live on the Caribbean side of the country, or the Pacific. A couple of cities, for example, include Panama City, Punta Panama, and Bocas del Toro. Each has their own unique distinctions that attract certain people more so than the others.

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Throughout Panama, tourists fall in love with Panama. This is a result of several factors. These factors include the Panama climate, the activities and sports they can participate in, as well as the low prices for real estate. Prices do vary, of course, dependant upon the location, condition, and type of home. For example, it is obvious that a luxury condo will cost more in Panama City than a 2-bedroom apartment in Punta Panama (in Chiriqui).

Properties for sale or for rent in Panama can be custom-made or not. Many options include beachfront properties, newly developing high-rise condos, custom homes, farms, island property, and or jungle property.

Panama City is a hub for realtors and real estate agencies within Panama. There are many people to help the potential investor – foreign and native – find their own niche in this beautiful country. Or, if one is a bit more independent in nature, he or she may choose to find real estate on their own. There are many Internet-based agencies and websites that show real estate ads, postings, and realtor information. But, buyer beware, the price sometimes multiplies when a local realtor spots a "Gringo" who they think all have pots of money to spend on Panama real estate. We list properties at their proper value and speak fluent English. We know the scams and the pitfalls, and we will help you avoid them.

Boquete is an area in Panama that has been increasing its revenue from real estate throughout the past several years. It is located in the Chiriqui province, and attracts outsiders for many reasons. The temperature is a large factor. Boquete inhabitants enjoy spring-like temperatures throughout the year. Some of the world-class outdoor activities that are practiced in Boquete are whitewater rafting, hiking, kayaking, and bird watching. There is a lot of land available in Punta Panama. Horse farms are also quite prevalent.

Properties for sale and for rent in Panama are, in most cases, readily available for purchase. Buyers and renters should make sure to understand all of the laws associated with purchasing land and real estate. Also, it can be a good idea to have the home appraised before purchasing it. In terms of laws, Panama real estate is laced with several steps, and specifics designed to make money for the government. Virtually any slipup in completing all of the steps can lead to a null in void status of the transaction or fees.

Properties for sale and rent in Panama can make the potential investor happy in many ways. Whether it is the ability to make money in the long-run through the purchasing of large quantities of real estate and waiting for the appreciation, or simply owing your first home or property abroad, Panama has a lot to offer.

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