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Panama is one of the fastest growing retirement destinations in the world. It has an interesting cultural background and the May/June issue of Modern Maturity magazine rated Panama the fourth best retirement destination in the world. Any foreigner can own and sell property in Panama and has equal rights over his property as any Panama citizen. This unique feature makes Panama real estate one of the most sought after places in the world.
Panama real estate offers a variety of properties which you can choose from,

1. Beach house villas
2. City apartments
3. Island Properties
4. Lake Properties
5. Mountain Condos and cottages
6. Suburbs

Beach front properties are the most popular Panama real estate properties. They are of two types, one being tier lots and the other beachfront homes. Tier lots are sets of properties with individual gating and deeds on the beachfront costing anywhere from $80,000. Beach front homes are single private properties with a beautiful view of the ocean. They usually have ceramic tiled floors and patios facing the ocean so that you can spend a warm evening listening to the waves rolling in.

Panama real estate also includes nice well furnished apartments for the temporary traveler who wishes to stay for a few months. Apartments generally start from $1200 month onwards for single bedroom ones and go up till $3500 for a 4 bed – 4 bath apartment.

Panama also offers exotic islands for sale right in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the islands even boast of hidden treasures along their coasts where divers still dive for gold and silver coins.

Lake front properties offer spectacular views of the lake and serene and quiet outdoors with a turtle or two coming to the lakeshore to feed.

If the panoramic views of majestic mountains and natural hikes is what you are looking for then a mountain cottage what you need. These properties are quite close to Panama City and offer beautiful and invigorating climates for the tasteful customer.

Once you have selected your dream property and negotiated on the same, a buy/sell contract is drafted with the help of qualified lawyers and a complete title deed check is carried out to ensure validity of the property. Once this is done you can wire your initial payment and a complete breakdown of the fees is presented after which you can make the final payment and they hand over you prized property.

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