Newspapers in Panama

Staying up-to-date on current events is always helpful when traveling abroad, and travel to Panama is no exception. Reading through Panamanian newspapers both before and while traveling is useful for a number of reasons:

  • National news relays relevant information about issues that may affect one’s trip by providing important clues, for example, about things like safety, cultural orientation, and weather.
  • In most papers one can also find listings of national and local events that may be of interest and that may enhance one’s cultural experience.
  • Perusing newspapers printed in Spanish enhances one’s knowledge and understanding of the language, which can only be beneficial.
  • Papers including international news keep one informed of goings on back home and around the world, all of which impact our lives in general, but which may impact the decisions one makes while traveling.
  • News items make for great conversation starters, both with locals and other travelers; meeting and talking with new people is part of the whole adventure!

There are many Panamanian newspapers to check out whether online or in printed copy.  The following are some examples, and links will lead to more extensive listings.

National News in Spanish

La Prensa
La Estrella de Panama
El Panama America
El Universal de Panama
Critica en Linea
El Siglo
La Cronica
For an overview of current news published in English, The Bulletin, found on-line, comprises headline articles from all the major daily’s in Panama and includes links to each paper’s full-length publication. Other papers printed in English include:

The Panama News (free and on web)
• The Visitor/ El Visitante (geared specifically for tourists)

While in Panama to stay current on international news, check out Panamundo, whichis internet-based, although written in Spanish.National and international news in English can also be found on-line through internet versions of those listed above, as well as the Panama Post.

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