Mail Forwarding in Panama – the services and the options

For those who have pulled up stakes and moved to other countries, the move is the easy part.  The difficult part is all of the logistics, especially when you are still connected to the US.  In addition, many of the simple things aren’t so simple if you don’t have a link back home.  Now that you have retired in Panama, have you tried to open an EBay account?  Tried to order anything online?  Have you found an easy way to receive your American mail?  None of these things are easy without an address in the US.  Now you can have that address.

Mail forwarding is a growing service as the number of Americans that relocate to other countries soars.  For those who retire to Panama, many things that they could do in the US they just can’t do anymore.  The US Postal Service does not forward mail out of the country.  Many businesses won’t do transactions outside of the US.  If you retire to Panama, you can’t even get your magazines forwarded to you.  That is why you need a mail forwarding service.

Everybody has friends back home; family, former neighbors or business associates that you can trust to send your mail; ask yourself, do you want someone like that to be burdened with sending your mail?  Probably not.  On top of that, since you sold your house, you no longer have an address there.  You can eliminate all of your problems with one simple stop.  By having a mail forwarding service, you can solve the following issues: US address, package forwarding, mail forwarding, high shipping charges, online shopping and magazine subscriptions.

  • US Address – These services will provide you with a valid, unique street address in the US.  This is not a PO Box where some retailers will refuse to ship.
  • Package Forwarding – Mail forwarding services can help those who retire to Panama by sending your packages to you.  Many feature discounted international shipping and package consolidation which can also save you money. 
  • Mail Forwarding – You can schedule regular forwarding on your mail.  Usually these services charge you based on the weight of your mail; this reduces the cost to you and ensures that you won’t miss out on important letters or other information that might not make it to you in Panama.
  • High Shipping Charges – If you have retired to Panama, you are probably enjoying your new life on a modest budget.  By the time you have paid for the shipping, the low priced items aren’t so cheap anymore.  Because mail forwarding services are experienced in shipping, they can find ways to lower your shipping charges.
  • Online Shopping – As mentioned before, many companies refuse to ship outside the US.  By using a mail forwarding service, you don’t have to quit shopping online because you chose to retire in Panama.
  • Magazine Subscriptions – Continue to get the periodicals that you enjoy.  What could be better than the latest edition of your favorite magazine on the beach in Panama?

You chose to retire to Panama to enjoy a simple life.  Why waste one minute worrying about your mail and packages when you can use a mail forwarding service?  Like the old US Postal Service saying, nothing can stop your mail when you use a mail forwarding service!  Enjoy your retirement in Panama!

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