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Health Tourism (also known as medical tourism) is a new term that is quickly gaining recognition in many countries around the world. It is a style of tourism in which people travel overseas for health purposes, such as to receive dental, medical or surgical attention while also taking the opportunity to take a holiday in an overseas country.

The demand for health tourism has been rapidly increasing in many countries. This is due to a number of reasons, including:

  • The ease of communicating through the Internet has allowed greater access of credible health and tourism information to potential patients.

  • Many people are learning that there are well trained doctors in many overseas countries that offer health care at very reasonable prices.

  • People from countries such as the US and Canada are looking for cheaper health care, because the cost of health care systems in these countries are rapidly escalating and there are long waiting periods for many patients to receive treatments. Also, a large proportion of the population from the US do not receive health insurance.

  • A comfortable and relaxing stay in another country can provide a very enjoyable and cheap alternative to recover from many health treatments and can possibly fasten the healing process in many cases.

  • Traveling overseas for health care can provide privacy and discretion that might not be available in your own country.

  • There is a growing emphasis in our western society for greater fitness, beauty and holistic health for maximum mind and body health.

  • People traveling overseas, from countries such as the United Kingdom, United States and Canada are becoming more comfortable and familiar with traveling.

In particular, health tourism is growing quickly in Panama, Central America. This is due to a multitude of very practical reasons, some of which are:

  • The warm climate (which is helpful for recovery from many medical treatments)
  • The fact that the dollar is the official currency
  • Cheaper prices of treatments and easy access to a range of medications
  • High quality health care available
  • The ease of traveling to and within Panama by air

Medical professionals in Panama are well trained, many from around the world, and use the most up to date approaches and technologies and medications. These doctors are quickly developing a high quality international reputation. Many of the doctors in Panama speak English and are board certified. Also, most have trained and worked in other countries so are very familiar with modern medical technology and equipment.

Additionally, there is also the allure of the natural and cultural attractions that Panama has to offer. It is quickly becoming recognized as a spectacular and fascinating destination that can provide a wonderful R&R experience, whether it be on relaxing beaches, scenic mountains or in magical forests.

Health tourists are able to stay in Panama for health purposes at five-star hotels during recovery for prices that are much lower than they would pay in the United States, Canada or Europe. For example, in the US dental implants can cost about $2,500. Whereas in Panama, the same treatment as well as lodging, a personal tour guide and transport is available at a much lower price. In some instances receiving medical treatment in Panama can save you more than 50% (compared to treatments received in the US, Canada or Europe). Additionally, it is worth noting that most of your medical and dental expenses as well as travel expenses can be tax deductible in the US.

Some examples of treatments that are popular for health tourism in Panama are:
•  Cosmetic Surgery
•  Dental Services
•  Eye Surgery
•  Spa treatments / services
•  Dermatologist Laser

In general, Panama is becoming a very popular tourist destination for travelers from around the world. As evidence of the allure of this beautiful country, many retirees from the US and Canada have been so enticed by Panama that they have retired here.

Panama has spectacular natural wonders and a fascinating cultural background. It is often considered to be much easier and safer than traveling around other Central American countries. This is an important factor when considering recovery from health treatments. The infrastructure in Panama is also becoming much more set-up to cater for travelers, but is still managing to steer clear of the very commercial tourist industry that can be seen in many other tourist destinations around the world.
It is easy to travel within Panama with tour companies, or rental cars and internal flights. Many destinations are not far from Panama City so you can easily travel for a day trip or for a weekend. Panama City and many other Panama destinations have a range of fine restaurants with local and international flavors. Food in most of these restaurants is very fresh and the food hygiene is considered to be of a high standard. Additionally you can drink the tap water safely in most parts of Panama. A large choice of hotels and B&Bs around Panama offer comfortable, clean and pleasant stays at very reasonable prices. Also, numerous spas and resorts are opening around the country that offer luxury lodgings with health packages offering yoga, massage, and beauty treatments.

We hope this site provides you with the information you are looking for on health tourism in Panama. Please take some time to consider the great opportunities that Panama has to offer for you and you health.

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