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Panama is an incredible place with a wide variety of residential venues which include beautiful beaches, city communities’ and mountains. It is also one of the safest places in the world where the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in the United States! So if you have been thinking of moving to Panama, then it will be a smart move.

Residency in Panama

Residency in Panama is very easy to obtain as compared to other countries. Pensioners can qualify for residency if they have a pension of $500 per month and $100 for each dependant. However residency is not limited to just a pensioner or an elderly person, anyone above the age of 18 can easily qualify. You can also apply for residency if you can invest in real-estate. By investing $200,000 or more in real estate, you automatically receive an investor residency that allows you to live in Panama legally.

There are four types of retirement visa options available in Panama. You can check the different Panamanian retirement visas options with us and select the one that suits you the best. The four retirement visa types are:

Pensionado Visa
• Private Income Retiree Visa
• Person of Means Visa
• Forestry Investor Visa

We have negotiated special discounted fees for obtaining a Panama retirement visa, for example a Panama retirement (pensionado) visa can be obtianed for as little as $900. Contact us for more information.

Health Benefits:

Panama has one of the best medical facilities possible. State of the art medical equipment, board certified doctors who are attentive and more importantly can converse in fluent English, medical services’ ranging from general surgery to cosmetic surgery, Panama offers medical services that are on par with services in the United States.

Prescription and over the counter drugs are available at low costs, most full health insurance in Panama are priced quite reasonably, besides offering discounts on doctor’s visits, dental visits and prescription drugs. And if you still need convincing, Panama has some of the safest drinking water available.

We offer several packages for any of your health requirements. Please check the different services we have available here or contact us for further information.

Panama has 1st Class infrastructure:

Panama has world class infrastructure. You will find all the familiar brands in modern shopping malls, internet facilities, some of the finest hotels the world over, bright city lights, excellent business services and telecommunications.

Panama City is the new hot spot of Central America and is gaining repute as a world class destination.

Political Stability:

Panama has one of the most stable democratic governments in Central America and has no military. It is also one of the safest places the world over with a very low crime rate. The Panamanian government is dedicated to offering some of the best benefits to expatriates, business investors and retirees.

Great weather:

Panama is one place in the world where you can enjoy tropical climate and the fresh, cooling mountain air all a short distance from each other. No hurricanes or destructive earthquakes Panama is blessed with a fantastic climate unlike her Central American neighbors so you can enjoy some of the best weather conditions the year round.

You can contact us for any tours and travel packages. Select from a list of sample packages available with us, or contact us for more information.

Real Estate Investment:

Currently real estate is at an all time high in Panama. With investor friendly laws the Panamanian government has made it possible for foreigners to buy or own property with excellent tax benefits and either own in whole or partnership businesses both international and local. Panamanian laws are similar for both foreigners and locals when it comes to owning property of business.

Conveniently located: Panama is located a mere 2 ½ hours from Miami and has direct flights to all major US cities, including Houston, Atlanta and Newark.

Please check the different flights to all major destinations here or contact us.

Lifestyle/ Tropical beauty:

Panama’s natural tropical beauty is such that it should be experienced first hand. Beautiful serene beaches, cool, crisp mountains, modern city life, friendly locals and a lifestyle that is cheap and affordable you can have it all in Panama.

With a banking centre that’s is the second largest in the world, investment and earning benefits and services are excellent, safe and discreet. The inflation rate is almost negligible and is placed at 1% to 2% per year. The Colon Free Zone (CFZ) which is the largest distribution centre in the Americas, ensures a low production cost benefit for Panama

The Panamanian Government is aggressively promoting the tourism industry at international levels. The tourism investment programmes is one of the best and most beneficial schemes in the Caribbean’s and Central Americas. Panama’s law 54 clearly stipulates that both locals and foreigners have the same rights when it comes to investments. As an expatriate in Panama the benefits and advantages are manifold besides offering one of the most beautiful and safest places in the world to live in.

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