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Panama’s development in the business sector has been phenomenal. Currently Panama is attracting both investments and business in a big way. Panama is a business hub because even with a booming economy, the inflation rate in Panama is negligible as is the foreign currency exchange risk. It is one of the most modern economies in Central America and has the US dollar as its national currency. With little or no restriction on capital repatriations and with over 140 banks, Panama is an international center for finance, insurance and shipping.

Panama is capital investment friendly for both foreigners and Panamanians. There is no restriction to foreign partnership or participation in either local or international businesses. The Panamanian law is equal in its treatment when it comes to foreign or local businesses. Recognizing the benefits of investment in its several key economic sectors, the Panamanian Government has been quick to offer fiscal incentives and tax benefits.

Panama is a recent member of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) signed with the United States. With an economical growth rate which is projected at 4% to 5% Panama is all set to woo investors both big and small. At Panama-health we understand that if you are in investor or a businessman you will require certain key essential business services.

With a democratic government backing the business sector Panama’s business and economy is growing at a steady pace. We have a team of dedicated Attorneys who can help you with any legal inquires or services. At Panama-health you will find any business service you need to either set up your own business or to expand or invest.

Please contact us for any of your business service needs. We can deliver as little or as much as you need.

While doing business in Panama is an excellent opportunity and can be profitable, there can be certain obstructions that are common place in developing nations and Central America when it comes to dealing with either Government or local bodies. Panama-health has a team of highly professional individuals and attorneys to guide you and make any of your business interests’ trouble free and easy.

Since we understand the different needs of running a business we have compiled a list of services you can benefit from. From setting up business to legal services to secretarial or mail forwarding services, you will find it all at Panama-health.

We can help you with any of the following:

With a multitude of business benefits Panama is definitely an excellent choice if you want to either invest in a local or foreign business or if you want to set up your own business. There are certain inherent road blocks which are customary to all developing nations, yet among a host of Central American nations Panama offers the best business opportunities.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or for more information about our Business Services in Panama.

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